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Welcome to Curbed Seattle!

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Climb aboard, untie the ropes, and heave-ho this baby off the dock– it's time to set sail on the good ship Curbed Seattle, launching this very morning. From the ins and outs of the real estate scene, to adventures in urban planning and architecture, to local oddities, for Curbed Seattle, it all comes back to real estate, rent, and the neighborhoods we inhabit.

Curbed Seattle joins the growing Curbed Network of sites including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and DC, not to mention our National Mothership. We'll take that Curbed DNA and refocus it on our city. Federal Way native Kelly Skahan (that's me) is at the helm, and she's making up for her suburban childhood by combing the mean streets of Seattle for the scoop on the latest developments, zoning squabbles, and decorative t-shirts on Waiting for the Interurban. We can't do it alone though, so if you've got the goods on cool properties, ridiculous new architectural plans, or members of the Mariners infield who've moved in next door, email us at

While you’re at it, head on over to our sister site Eater Seattle, which hits the ground running today under the guidance of one Allecia Vermillion. She'll keep you posted on the latest restaurant openings, chef squabbles, and industry gossip. Do check it out.

We're glad to be here, and hope you're glad we're here too. Sally forth then, dear Seattleites, and let's do this.