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Get Energy Savvy; Pretty Condo in Cap Hill; 35th Still Terrifying; Trace Down to 4 Units

CENTRAL DISTRICT- Community Power Works is offering home and apartment assessments to help owners become more energy savvy, and they're hosting a kickoff event on May 3rd to introduce the program.

CAP HILL- There's a fairly gorgeous condo on the market, but the thing that's really impressive is the staging. Check it out on Urbnlivn for lusty interior shots that include a zebra rug.

WEST SEATTLE- Last night's panel with Jim Curtin and Richard Miller ended up focusing entirely on 35th SW, which is scary as heck to drive on and cross.

CAP HILL- The supplies at Trace continue to dwindle, so buyers yearning to live amongst the well-paid and flannel-clad should take note.