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Got Grass? The Best Lawns On The Market

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In honor of the date, we've assembled a list of some of the best local grass on the market. (We mean lawns. Jeez, what did you think we were talking about???) First up: an admittedly gorgeous Windermere estate with a maze of hedges worthy of its own dang gallery. Since real estate junkies and landscaping dynamos alike are reading, we threw in some actual house stuff too. It's a 3-bedroom Tudor with formal rose gardens, a vegetable garden, and landscaping that makes you feel like you're in some combination of Alice in Wonderland and a Jane Austen novel. The price on all this good clean natural fun: $8.9 million.

· Listing: 6301 Northeast Windermere Road [Thach Real Estate Group]

Next on the docket: Seward Park. The yard on this 3-bed Craftsman is pretty and inviting in a we-paid-big-for-landscaping sort of way, and the patio would make for some decently great parties when the weather finally warms up in August. It's got a sweet view of the water too, so the $889k price tag is worth it if you're into hanging out in the great outdoors and peering at Lake Washington. · Listing: 7738 Seward Park Avenue South [Redfin]

Lastly: It's in a cute neighborhood (we've got a sweet spot for Magnolia), a nicely tended lawn (so green!) and a cool basement ripe for the mancave-ification. At $478k, this 3-bedroom is a nice way to get on the pretty side of the Magnolia Bridge without totally breaking the bank. · Listing: 4325 West Emerson Street [Keller Williams]