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5 Properties With Mind-Bogglingly Killer Views in Seattle

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If there's one thing Seattle has going for it, it's a pretty obscene amount of viewpoints and an enormous variety of things to, well, view. Whether you're into city lights, pretty water, epic mountains, or some Frankenstein'ed combination of all of the above, you're in for a treat: we put together a list of houses with can't-miss views all across the city, and they're all on the market. What are you waiting for!?
First stop: Alki.

If it's mountains, waters, and skyline you seek, this go-to spot for Seattleites in the know (and seeking to impress out-of-towners and dates) is the place to be. For $800k, you can wake up every morning to those sweeping views. Located at 1005 Harbor Avenue, this 3-bed condo is before the bend in the road so you can see both the city and the mountains. (City lovers beware- picking a condo past the bend means you're S.O.L. if you want to watch the lights every night.) · Listing: 1005 Harbor Ave. SW #500 [ZipRealty]

Next up: Alaskan Way.

Seattle residents have a pretty legit attachment to the crumbling bit of infrastructure known as the Alaskan Way Viaduct, and out-of-towners think we're nuts. They haven't seen the view, though! Seriously, where else can you see the Olympics at sunset on one side while you soak in the city on the other (often while traveling 20 miles above the ridiculous 45 mph speed limit)? Nowhere, unless you have $1.25 million and an itch to own the penthouse at 1950 Alaskan Way. It's a 2-bedroom condo with views of the ferry docks and the mountains on one side and some pretty towering buildings on the other, and it's got two parking spaces in the garage and an office to boot. Where do we sign? · Listing: 1950 Alaskan Way #524 [ZipRealty]

Onward to Beacon Hill!

Wait, so you're not really down with living in a condo? That's cool, so don't worry -- this $1.35 million Beacon Hill home has you covered. Located at 2300 34th Avenue South, it's got five beds, four baths, two fireplaces, a deck, obscene views of the skyline, and a killer backyard. Your friends will want to have dinner parties all the time, but you're covered there too: there's a double oven, so culinary maestros are good to go. · Listing: 2300 34th Avenue South [ZipRealty]

Moving on to Queen Anne...

If you long to start each morning with a hearty "Oh hey, Space Needle, 'sup," you're in luck. Located at 17 West Mercer Street, this 2-bed condo in Lower Queen Anne is just the ticket. It includes one parking spot on the garage, which is pretty clutch in this neighborhood, and you also get a breakfast bar, walk-in closet, jacuzzi bath, and rooftop garden. Earthquake insurance is included in the HOA fees too ($565/month), just in case the Space Needle falls on you like in that movie. Interested? It's $475,000. · Listing: 17 West Mercer Street [ZipRealty]

Which brings us to Ballard...

Let's not kid ourselves; anybody who lives here at least sort of appreciates an awesome view of the water. You can snag one of your very own for $725,000 in Ballard, and this one's sort of gorgeous. It's got two beds (both with master baths), heated floors throughout the floorplan, access to an indoor pool, and a reserved parking spot. The kicker: it's legit down the street from Ray's Boathouse, so you never have to worry about driving after one too many Bellinis. · Listing: 6321 Seaview Avenue NW #10 [ZipRealty]

Gas Works Park

2101 N Northlake Way , Seattle, WA