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The Media Loves Talking About CollinsWoerman's Modular Apartment Prototype

Local architecture and interior design form CollinsWoerman announced their plans for modular apartment units, and the news is sort of taking over the blogosphere. The project is still in the prototype stage, but architecture junkies can't get over the whole building-blocks concept (which is, admittedly, very cool) and making preemptive plans for places to implement it. Top candidates so far: dorms, affordable housing communities, and retirement communities.

Not interested in reading all the jabber on a Friday afternoon? Not to worry, dear readers. We've done it for you.

Seattle's Daily Journal of Commerce explains that the whole shebang is a recession-friendly way to keep on building:

"'The price-point at the end of the last cycle was just outrageous,' Collins said. 'It was just too expensive. We wanted to bring the price way down.'"

The Sun Herald says the system will make fancy modern condos way more affordable:

"Ceiling-to-floor glass windows, polished concrete floors and walls built to condominium sound standards, offer occupants a living experience once thought only to come at a high price."

Aubrey Cohen was sick all week, so he's just now hopping on this story at the PI. He's got some legitimately interesting videos of the whole process, including one long one for geeks and one short one for attention-challenged readers.

Finally, GeekWire threw out the idea we're all thinking and not saying: that this sounds like Legos you can live in. The evidence:

"Unlike most mid-rise construction projects, CollinsWoerman’s technique involves constructing the components off-site and then assembling them at the physical location. That means the walls already contain electrical, plumbing and fire systems, leading McKinstry’s Scott Hayes, whose firm partnered with CollinsWoerman on the effort, to offer that it is 'built like a Lego set.'"

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