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Outdoor Party Central: Score Six Decks And a Rooftop Garden for $785k In Green Lake

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Okay, yeah, this 4-bed in Green Lake is pretty and has giant windows and a two-car garage and a fireplace and blah blah blah. All well and good. Let's discuss the real draw here: the place has six, count 'em, six decks. Yeah. One of them is situated atop the house itself and used as a garden, but the others are nestled in various positions around the place. When you've got three stories and four bedrooms there's a lot of opportunity to build a balcony off the side of them, but six? Seriously? You can have six different barbecues at the same time! You can give everyone you live with the silent treatment and still lay outside to catch some rays! You can be the second coolest person in your group of friends (after the guy with a boat, of course)! If you're feeling this gateway to endless outdoor isolation, a view of Green Lake, and social clout, it's $785,000. · Listing: 7715 Meridian Avenue North [Coldwell Banker Bain]