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EARTH DAY-PALOOZA! Our List of Local LEED Listings

It's Earth Day! To celebrate, we've compiled a list of our favorite LEED-certified listings on the market for your reading pleasure. So take a break from your compost bins, slip on an organic cotton sweatshirt, and grab a sip of your locally sourced green tea, nature-lovers -- your dream condo awaits! First up: a 1-bed downtown with crazy views of Elliott Bay, the Olympics, and the city lights. We've officially been suckered in by the pretty listing photos here, which show off how epically impressive the gigantic windows are after dark. Toss in a LEED designation and easy access to any office in the Financial District and you've got a sweet spot for anybody who never wants to leave downtown. The price tag for all this sexy city stuff: $649,000.

· Listing: 909 5th Avenue #1701 [Windermere]

If you're not into living downtown but still want to get around sans car (so green of you), you can't really beat Ballard when it comes to convenience. The Hjarta Condos in Ballard are located smack dab on Market Street, so you've got decent access to an array of stores, bars, restaurants, and more bus routes than you can shake a stick at. They're LEED certified, and the 1-bed suite in Unit #507 is currently up for grabs for $265k. · Listing: 1530 NW Market Street #507 [Windermere]

Places that are infinitely cooler than the place you live right now: the penthouse at Mosler Lofts, located at 2720 3rd Avenue. Lucky for well paid nature lovers, the building is Silver LEED-certified, so you can be all swanky without the guilt. The ceilings are pushing 20 feet, the balcony is wraparound, the staircase is spiral, the guest loft is massive, and the Space Needle is in your flipping front yard. If you've got $2.2 million to spare, this one's a keeper. · Listing: 2720 3rd Avenue PH01 [Windermere]