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Hold It Right There, Mr. City Attorney! Oh, Wait, Maybe Not... Carry On Then.

Oh hey, you know how we weren't going to get to vote on the anti-tunnel referendum because the City Attorney said it was going to be a City Council issue rather than a public one? Turns out he might have been getting a little bit ahead of himself.

Anti-tunnel group Protect Seattle Now is requesting a dismissal of City Attorney Pete Holmes' lawsuit because apparently you can't actual sue as an individual to keep a referendum off the ballot unless you have the City Council's public consent... which he doesn't actually have. Embarrassing!

The City Council is meeting at 2 today, and Protect Seattle Now should have enough signatures on their petition to get the referendum on the ballot by the time the CC meeting gets out this evening. So looks like we're gonna vote on this thing after all, right?

We don't actually know! If the City Council gives Holmes the authority to sue to keep the referendum off the ballot, the issue falls back on the CC and the public is sort of out of luck. They can basically do that whenever they want in the next few weeks, so rest assured all this tunnel fighting ain't over 'til it's over. WHEW.

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