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Local Architect's Kitchen Overhaul Includes a "Zipper Door" and Other Cool Stuff

Local architect Nils Finne let the Seattle Times check out his remodeled kitchen this weekend for Northwest Living, and the payoff is not at all shabby. Finne lives with his wife Liv in Queen Anne, and his kitchen was sorely lacking in style for the first ten years they lived in the place. We're talking old linoleum, tiny counters, and icky lighting. Not cute.

The duo decided enough was enough and remodeled the entire kitchen using Finne's industry connections to get a supremely cool end result. To overhaul the place, Finne brought in an all-star team of subcontractors to do some work, and the big reveal is, admittedly, pretty sweet. The new kitchen has a window seat, French doors, a custom resin backsplash, and what he calls a "zipper door," among other things design junkies will love.
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