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Inside-Jokey Seattle Shirt Party This Weekend on Admiral Way; Maybe Don't Get a Good to Go Sticker Just Yet, Guys

· ADMIRAL WAY- Local tee and hat gods casual industrees is hosting an open house sale on Saturday from 11 am to 7 pm and Sunday from 12 pm to 5 pm. Score some one-of-a-kind (and legitimately funny) Seatown-centric gear (we like the Sonics hat) and drink their Rainier beer while you watch them silk screen stuff before your very eyes.

· HOT LANES EVERYWHERE- Trouble in transit paradise, people. Looks like people with the sticker-style Good to Go passes for the 520 will be charged every time they use the HOT (High-Occupancy Toll) lanes, whether they're actual carpools or not. WSDOT basically says you should get one of the passes that switched on and off if you plan on using the lanes as a carpool someday, so beware. (In other news, check out SeaTimes' hilarious headline on this story.) [Seattle Times]