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The Cheapest Real Estate In The City

News of the Mariners' obscenely low attendance figures has reached the Wall Street Journal, and they wrote a story about it! (To be fair, we split the article with the Dodgers). Apparently there are 7,000 less people at every game so far this season than last year around this time. This is obviously not really a great thing if you like to see the M's 1) featured in the national media for reasons other than their lagging attendance, 2) win.

The good news: if you're looking for wide open spaces in SODO for super cheap, you've got yourself quite a deal. If you effectively evade the ticket police after the first inning or so, you can sneak from the centerfield bleachers ($7 a pop) into a view-reserved or first level seat and have an entire section to yourself for three hours. Our unscientific calculations indicate that beats the rent anywhere else in the city by a longshot, so squatters should start paying attention.
· Empty Seats Tend to Stay That Way [WSJ]

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