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They're Breakin' Ground on First Hill Today at 1200 Madison

In places-lots-of-doctors-will-likely-live news, Holland Partners breaks ground at 10 am this morning on their new development at 1200 Madison on First Hill. (It's right around the corner from Virginia Mason and Swedish and the like, so we're crossing our fingers that a veritable Grey's Anatomy to unfold there).

The development going up is a planned 17-story apartment building. As far as perks, they're touting some decent amenities like a fitness center and rooftop garden and what will likely be pretty good views. No word on what kind of floor plans they'll feature yet (though we're investigating thoroughly at the moment), but look for 237 units in the building and some retail space on the bottom floor. The building should be done by October 2012.

Seattle City Council Prez Richard Conlin is slated to make an appearance, so we'll give you all the deets on what he has to say after the shindig's over.

· Holland Partners