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Calling Jake Locker: You Can Live in Ferndale for $500k And Stay in Seattle! Please?

Jake Locker? Hey, what's up? You're about to hit it big in the draft tomorrow whether you go early or not, so we did you a solid and found you a nice house up in Ferndale. We know you're going to end up in Minnesota or something, which is a bummer, but when you want to hang with the fam back home you really can't do much better. It's got 3 bedrooms, it's pushing 7,000 sq. ft., and it's got great views of the water, room to store a boat, a deck out back, and a two-car garage with room for a third car on a lift! Hear that? You can work on cars in the offseason! Gosh, if you lived here you might even want to play in Seattle or something rather than going across the country, right? I mean, I don't think you can get all this for $499,000 somewhere else. You know I'm right. · Listing: 3954 Salt Spring Drive, Ferndale, WA [CB Bain]