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SR-520 Bridge Replacement Is Totally On, Says Tim Burgess

Seattle City Council member Tim Burgess released on his blog that the replacement for SR-520's floating bridge is basically a go.

The Puget Sound Regional Committee voted to list the plan with their "conditional approval," which means they're cool with the plan as it is now but want an update as actual logistics are determined, at which point they can pull the plug if they want.

Worried this will take the place of our darling Viaduct as the road replacement du jour? Never fear, tunnel-haters: Burgess explained that "SR 520 is a key part of the greater Puget Sound regional transportation system, a grid of interconnecting roads and transit, and eventually light rail, that moves people and freight and supports the economic foundation of our region. The Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement Project, along with the Spokane and Mercer corridor projects, are essential parts as well." Ain't that nice?

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