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Archie McPhee, Meet World.

Local bastion of all that is kitschy, plastic, and irreverent Archie McPhee is a big-time star now that Wired's on the case.

The store's had some decent press before, but it's definitely hitting its target audience here: pop-culture savvy geeks. Archie McPhee has bounced around Seattle a few times over the years, migrating from Fremont to Ballard before expanding into two stores and finally settling in Wallingford, but it seems to have found a home in the bigger facility on 45th. The article touts bacon-flavored toothpaste, telescoping forks, and the infamous devil duckie as star players in the McPhee repertoire of oddness, and they have an impressive gallery of weird products to boot.

Back in 2009 they did a recap of all their past locations on the McPhee Blog, which we've dutifully pulled up for you. Things weren't so pretty back in the day on Fremont Ave., so appreciate that sparkly storefront for what it is: a big ol' improvement from the card tables of the past.

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