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In Honor of the Royal Wedding: Our List of Seattle's Tudors

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We're certainly not above making monarch-centric jokes here at Curbed Seattle, so in honor of the upcoming royal wedding we've prepared a list of our favorite Tudors on the market in the area. What makes each a Tudor, you ask? It's sort of a liberally applied word, but they've usually got some combination of heavy timber detailing, unusually large chimneys, steep roofs, narrow windows, and cross-gables. Other tell-tale signs of Tudor-dom include the inability to conceive a son and being constantly upstaged by your hotter best friend. Zing! Thanks, we're here all week. First on our trip through English/Seattle's history is a cute 4-bed in Ballard. Sure, it's got a red door (thanks for including our cliche weakness, guys), but it's also got a pretty sweet kitchen, a finished basement, and a nice little deck going for it. At just under 2,500 sq. ft., it's on the market for $600,000, which is, like, 1/70th of what Kate Middleton's nuptials cost.

· Listing: 7735 10th Avenue NW [Windermere]

If there's anything we like more than a red door, it's a blue door. Lucky for us, we can get just such a door in Laurelhurst if we pony up $729,000. What do you get for that kind of money in Tudor-dom? 4,000 sq. ft., three bedrooms, some hardwood floors, a formal dining room, a deck, and membership to the Laurelhurst Beach Club, that's what. There are also some nice gables. (Points for using that as a pick-up line this weekend in Belltown.) · Listing: 3823 44th Avenue NE [CB Seal]

That brings us to Ballard (which apparently saw a huge demand for Tudors in the 1920s, if current listings are any indication), where you can pick up a 2-bed Tudor with a 3,300 sq. ft. and a nice swoopy roof for $340,000. The porch and backyard are actually not too shabby, and you get an unfinished basement out of the deal ripe for turning into your own personal thrown room. Or, you know, a den. · Listing: 2839 NW 73rd Street [CB Bain]