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Dave Niehaus Finally Gets a Street

That's right, baseball fans, our boy's getting a street! The City Council approved a resolution today that will officially deem 1st Avenue South from Royal Brougham to Edgar Martinez Drive Dave Niehaus Way South. The resolution itself (#31290, if you're interested) is fairly biased toward the man who gave us golden turns of phrase like "get out the rye bread and the mustard," so we pulled some of the choice justifications for naming the street after a baseball announcer for your reading pleasure.

It kicks off with a bang at the very beginning:

"WHEREAS, on April 6, 1977, we first heard the golden tones of Dave Niehaus announce: 'Good evening everybody and welcome to the initial voyage of the Seattle Mariners, Diego Segui, the first pitch in history is a strike taken at the knees;'"

It takes a look at the best of times:

"WHEREAS, in 1995, the Mariners captured our hearts and imaginations as they made a magical run into the playoffs and after Edgar Martinez' game winning double against the New York Yankees, Dave made the memorable call of: 'THE MARINERS ARE GOING TO PLAY FOR THE AMERICAN LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP---I DON'T BELIEVE IT, IT JUST CONTINUES. MY OH MY!'"

Aaaaand then it reminds us that it's still actually 1st Ave. South:

"Section 1. 1st Avenue South from South Royal Brougham Way to Edgar Martinez Drive South shall have a secondary designation as 'Dave Niehaus Way South.'"

Whatever, we're still stoked.
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