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Conner Homes Development in The Junction Lives!

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Conner Homes has been sitting on a development in The Junction in West Seattle for around two years now, and things have been stalled for awhile over a rash of NIMBYism, City Council issues, really specific requests from the neighborhood, and tragic gasoline fight accidents (okay, maybe not that last one). It looks like the plan's awaking from a long slumber, though, because the City Council put it on its agenda for the end of the month!

On April 26th the City Council is voting on an alley vacation, which would let Conner Homes take over the alley between 42nd and California on Alaska. If all goes according the plan, the move will let the two buildings in the development share a parking garage. West Seattle Blog has an in-depth discussion of the issues at hand so locals can keep up on all the issues before the vote takes place, and we'll keep you posted on the results.
· Conner's Junction project proceeding after neighborhood deal [West Seattle Blog]