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Seattle Met Deems Tacoma Worthy of Attention

Tacoma residents, watch out. Pesky Seattleites might start hanging out in your secret haunts and visiting your museums and (God forbid) eating at your restaurants. And Seattle Met is totally to blame.

The May 2011 issue goes into detail on reasons Tacoma's worth a second look, even though residents of Seattle proper rarely deign to enter South Sound territory. South King and Pierce County locals likely will get a chuckle at their expense because the story basically explains what they've known all along: Tacoma actually doesn't suck.

In an effort to improve inter-city relations and mend the rift that 25 treacherous miles on I-5 have inflicted upon the region's biggest city and its red-headed stepchild of a southern neighbor, we picked the most fantastic instances of the Seattle freeze out of the article for your reading pleasure.

· "While uttering 'aroma of Tacoma' more than once to ding the city for its pungent paper mill."
· " The so-called City of Destiny (an old railroad tagline) was long regarded a thriving industrial port, but often a nondestination for tourists on the way to Olympia or Portland—B-roll that flickered past the car window, notable only for the less-than-sparkling crown of the Tacoma Dome."
·"When hunger calls, one could do worse than Harmon Brewery and Eatery on Pacific Ave (if the hankering is of the cheeseburger and locally crafted beer variety) or Primo Grill on Sixth Ave (where Copper River salmon is king.)"
· "In a last stab at gaining a sense of superiority, a Seattleite might eye Tacoma’s cocktail culture at 1022 South, a dimly lit apothecary behind a barbershop in the Hilltop neighborhood, above downtown."
· "And a Seattleite stopped comparing the City of Destiny to the Emerald City, clinked the fist-size ice cube in his old fashioned, turned to the person next to him, and said hello."

There. Now you can visit for reasons other than the Britney Spears concert next month.

· Tacoma's Heart of Glass [Seattle Met]