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Live a Sweet, Comfy, Adorably Staged Life in Green Lake for $450k

Let's just lay it all on the table: this Craftsman in Green Lake is adorable. We don't know if it's the really great staging or the cozy floorplan or some combination thereof, but it makes us want to sip tea on a cloudy morning and do the crossword. All cooing aside, the 3-bed is 1,680 sq. ft., was built in 1924, and has a detached garage. You also get some French doors, a fireplace, and some cute white-washed cabinets and moldings that are more endearing than we can accurately describe. Maybe we're craving a comfy listing in lieu of all those modern condos downtown or maybe we're just in a mood, but we don't care. We're down. Now excuse us why we go arrange some white tulips haphazardly. The price for living easy like Sunday morning: $450k. · Listing: 758 N 66th Street [Lake and Company]