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Straddle The Line Between Beacon Hill and Georgetown for $368k

Can't quite decide between Beacon Hill and artsy Georgetown? Easy solution: split the difference (and live in a purple house) with a Cape Cod that's right on the line. This 1929 3-bed is 1,940 sq. ft. There's a cute little porch, what looks like a cast iron stove, fir and oak woodwork, and an all-too-rare-in-Seattle central A/C system at your disposal, as well as an unfinished basement pleading for renovation. The downside: there's only one bathroom, period, so you'll have to live with people who won't hold a grudge when you make them time their showers in the morning. Pony up $368k and it's yours. · Listing: 4915 12th Avenue South [Windermere]