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Zillow Says College Grads Should Move Here

Zillow's doling out advice to recent college graduates on where they should move now that they've got a degree in hand, and Seattle made the cut. They even picked out an apartment for the legions of fresh Bachelor's degrees that will storm the city in the coming months.

So why are we a great place for recent grads? Zillow isn't so sure, so they rely on the fact that a lot of companies are based here or have huge offices nearby. We could give you a list, but we think you know that they make coffee, build airplanes, sell books, and hate Steve Jobs.

There are a few things working against us, too. 52.5% of the population has a 4-year degree or higher (which one would think increases the competition), but Zillow thinks that's still to our benefit. They also say we have a higher cost of living than a lot of places, which is entirely true. Not to beat a dead horse, but it rains a lot here too. (I know, it's news to us as well!)

Here's where they want you to live:

The 1-bed apartment is at 2441 8th Avenue North Unit #C, and though dimly lit, it's obviously got a few things going for it.
1) Queen Anne is pretty nice when it comes to post-grad living spots.
2) It's got a cool graduated doorframe.
3) It's pretty close to downtown.
4) It's under $1k a month in rent.
5) The security deposit is only $400.

What say you, Seattleites? Would you tell post-grad kids to up and move here? Did you come here with nothing but a degree and a dream, and now you live in Laurelhurst? Is Queen Anne where a recent grad should be living? Is this whole list just a clever way to post some listings? Share your thoughts in the comments.
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