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Your Viaduct Watch for the Week of May 9th-13th

Each week, we take a peek into the public project we all love, loathe, and live to talk about: the ongoing battle for a Viaduct replacement.

Viaduct status: Decidedly upright.
Recent earthquakes: Slight action near Mt. Rainier.
Annoying shutdowns on the horizon: Still too disgusting to report. Four words for you: down to four lanes.
What we're getting: The tunnel appears to be winning this week.

· Here's a map of the insanity.
· Apparently we'll get used to the tunnel thing eventually.
· Advice for Burien, which will sort of be really affected by this whole shindig.
· What the heck is a lane diet?!
· Wait, so are we freaking out for nothing, UW?
· Uh oh, @NoTunnel.
· No really @NoTunnel, it's not looking good.