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Holy Price Chop! Tacoma Seminary Now Listed at $7m

Boy billionaires with a taste for the dramatic and/or anatomically correct costumes, have we got a place for you! The Northwest Baptist Seminary in Tacoma recently dropped its listing price $1m to a cool $6,999,500, making it all the more enticing to would-be superheroes. The 9-bedroom estate is 13,619 sq. ft. in size with 9.14 acres of grounds, and it has all the prerequisites for crime-fighting magnates, including an organ, a chapel, a carriage house, a greenhouse, a Homiletics lab (easily transformed into a criminal investigations lab), and an education center (all the better for schooling your young ward in the ways of scaling buildings). · Listing: 4501 North Stevens Street [John L. Scott]
Special thanks to Seattle Bubble