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Turn Back The Clock on Cap Hill for $1.75m

Fancy living somewhere Rockwellian but can't let go of your Cap Hill dive-bar-loving roots? Never fear; the suburbs aren't the only answer. This Arthur Loveless-designed 3-bed in Capitol Hill is 1,250 sq. ft. of old-fashioned nuclear-family-with-2.5-kids living. You also get a fancy set of master suite amenities like a jacuzzi tub and French doors, along with a jazzed up kitchen that mixes stainless steel appliances and the like with admittedly charming white cabinetry. There's also a totally ridiculous closet in the master bedroom, so be prepared to fill that sucker with a lot of shoes. The price for all this family fun? $1.75m. · Listing: 957 Harvard Avenue East [Windermere]