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Walk The Plank to the Front Door for $825k

Some of us like to pull into a driveway, galumph up a flat pathway to our front door and relax after a long day. Some of us like to zipline across a ravine full of alligators to blow off some steam post-office. This Leschi 2-bed falls somewhere in the middle. Though the interior's pretty impressive at 2,560 sq. ft. with an open floorplan, gigantic windows peering over Lake Washington, a pretty master suite and all that jazz, the entry is really the cool part. You have to descend a long-ish set of stairs to get in the front door, situated above an equally cool deck. Sounds like a sweet way to get the treehouse you've always wanted without looking like a crazy person, right? The price tag on all this adventure: $825k. · Listing: 818 31st Ave. South [Estately]