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Own a Tower That's Not Technically a Turret for $1.295m in Madrona

Okay, Seattle. We follow. You don't like pandering to our fixation on all things royal, which persists over two weeks after the day that will live in infamy. It's cool, we get it. That doesn't mean we don't really love a good disguised turret every now and then, so we call your attention to this 5-bedroom estate in Madrona. Take a gander, won't you? It's the house of your modern-stucco-meets-Rapunzel dreams. And we know you have those dreams. The 4,810 sq. ft. house has a formal dining room, a ridiculous master suite, views of Lake Washington, and, well, a tower. It's not technically a turret, though that word better conveys the epic look of the dang thing, but it's still pretty royal-friendly. For $1.295 million, you can live there. · Listing: 830 35th Avenue [NWG Real Estate]