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Our List of The Best Places to Soak Up The Sunshine From Your Deck

"Hey guys! It's sunny! No, really, look! See that big yellow thing in the sky? It's the sun! Let's all talk about it even though we have to be indoors all day!" Since pretty much every workplace in the entire region is having this exact conversation at this very moment, we did you a solid and found some decks where you can catch some rays. (We recommend you buy the houses to which they're attached first. It will likely go over a little better than if you just squatted.) First we head to fair Laurelhurst, where the decks are large and the asking prices are larger. This 3,400 sq. ft. 3-bed has a fairly sweet deck overlooking Lake Washington and a few nice sets of floor-to-ceiling windows for people who aren't so down with getting a tan. It's also got a hot tub, which is a nice bonus. The price tag: $1.675m.
· Listing: 6657 Windermere Road [Estately]

Onward to West Seattle, where this 2,970 sq. ft. 3-bed is tucked around the bend at Alki. It's got a slew of cool features like three fireplaces, a bathroom that won some design awards, and brand new cabinets, but you really want to know about that square deck jutting off the side, right? It's got views of the Olympics. And it can belong to you for $977k. · Listing: 5635 Teig Place [Redfin]

West Seattle is apparently really big on getting a tan, because they've got a ton of cool decks. Case in point: this backyard-conquering masterpiece attached to a 965 sq. ft. 2-bed that seems puny in comparison to the outdoor living space. The interior's obviously not enormous, but who cares when you can invite the entire neighborhood over, right? This massive deck sings to the tune of $314,800. · Listing: 3006 Walnut Ave. SW [CB Bain]