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Get Your REI Rock Climbin' On in Fauntleroy for $725k

The listing for this Fauntleroy 4-bed claims that REI was founded in its hallowed halls (and run there until 1942). We can't totally validate that claim (though Wikipedia deems it plausible), but that doesn't mean this house doesn't have 2,700 sq. ft. of potential adventures to offer. It's got all the amenities you'd expect from an old-school house in Fauntleroy, including a deck, a view of the Olympics, a fancy renovated kitchen, and the like. It also comes complete with an inspiring Ralph Waldo Emerson quote engraved above the fireplace that encourages you to go make new friends and bring them in to sit by the fire (or cook them, depending on how you want to interpret it). The price tag on all this REI-friendly fun: $725k. · Listing: 4326 SW Southern Street [Redfin]