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Your Garbage Cans Are Totally Filthy, Right?

File this one in the cleaning-problems-you-didn't-know-you-had-but-now-obsess-over category: a Redmond woman has launched a business dedicated to making sure your curbside trash and recycling bins are spic and span. Emily Wiewiorka thought her garbage cans were pretty disgusting (and frankly, most of them are), so she figured out an environmentally friendly way to clean them without using chemicals. And now she selling selling the service.

Wiewiorka's Steam and Clean opened for business on May 2nd and follows garbage trucks around the Eastside cleaning cans with steam and recycling the water. They also offer the same sort of services pressure washers do (gutters, driveways, etc.) but tout the fact that they reuse all their water and purify it in their giant green truck, so you aren't killing any salmon by getting the deck cleaned. Bin cleaning starts at three bucks a can, but you can buy packages where the truck hits your house weekly for up to a year. Clean freaks, have at 'em.

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