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Rhine Attacks Belltown!

Well McGuire Apartments, you had a good run, but the Rhiners got you in the end. They may sound like the large, lovely women who sing at the end of epic operas wearing viking helmets, but they're really those mobile excavators that tear down buildings. And they're totally doing a number on you, man.

Sunday morning in Belltown featured an impressive show of destructive power on the part of Rhine as they took to the McGuire parking structure like a Dad does to his kid's Easter chocolate a week after the big day. Apparently the suckers are so big that Vine Street has a big crack in it now from all the weight, but those guys know no mercy. They were also responsible for tearing down the Arcade Building and the Willburton Tunnel, so they've got the sitch under control.'s got some cool on-the-scene photos via Picasa, so go check it out if you're into watching machines with tentacles tear down your buildings Matrix-style.

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