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Amy Janof's Cool Discovery Park House Has Lots of Lucite

Northwest Living took their weekly tour of a cool house in the area at award-winning architect Amy Janof's pad in Magnolia, and her story is actually pretty charming. Conveniently, it also makes it so that real estate nerds who stalk listings in the middle of the night needn't hide their somnabulist surfing habits any longer, because Janof has proven that an unhealthy addiction to late-night Redfin trolling actually gets stuff done.
When she was getting up in the middle of the night to nurse her kids, she stalked Windermere listings for pretty houses until she fell in love with a spot on the edge of Discovery Park. She pitched it to her husband, who nixed it based on the price ($1.085m at the time), and it sold within the week. Janof then contacted the agent and asked how sold it actually was (ballsy!), and a week later was writing the check for a down payment. She defends her actions like any good mother would: "I needed a place for my ducklings." Cute.

Now they're living in the 5-bedroom, 3,000 sq. ft. house, which is full of glass and has a killer backyard and a master bedroom the Seattle Times has deemed "Vegas cool." The bathroom is also Carrie Bradshaw-worthy (if she lived in Seattle and wore locally-sourced faux-leather clogs in lieu of Manolos), with a folding makeup table, his/hers closets, and lots of lucite. Best of all (okay, totally not best of all), Janof got to keep the blueprints when she kept the house, which the Times calls "architect porn." Whatever helps you sleep at night in your cool Vegas bedroom, lady. We'll be over here stewing in jealousy.

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