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A Tale as Old as Time for $850k in Lake City

If Belle from Beauty and the Beast lived in Seattle, she'd be totally into this 4-bed in Lake City. Just look at all the stuff it has! There's a library's worth of built-in shelves, a cast iron stove, a ridiculous patio, a wine shelf (for nights when the Beast is sort of a beast), some nice overhead beams to remind her of the French cottages of her youth, a balcony for when she's feeling princessy, and 4,000 sq. ft. in which to avoid her temperamental prince. It's even tucked away all cutely and covered with a garden that's downright enchanting! Or at least that's the word we'd use if we worked for Disney. The cost of having more than this provincial life: $850k. · Listing: 13254 42nd Avenue NE [Estately]