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A Crazy-Great Garden From The Minds Behind The Ruins

June 4th is the start of the Central District Garden Tour, and the Seattle Times took a look-see into Virginia Wyman and Joe McDonnal's ridiculously cool outdoor space to whet your appetite. Wyman and McDonnal founded The Ruins, a private dinner club and event space on Queen Anne, and if you've ever been inside you have a decent idea of their taste in decorating. (Hint: it's slightly over the top in the best possible way.) Their garden is kind of an amazing demonstration of their taste translated into an outdoor area, and it's worth a tour.
Among the highlights:
· A lap pool disguised as a reflecting pond
· Rose arbors
· A miniature white horse (probably friends with the elephant at The Ruins)
· A few hundred daffodils
· Plum, pear, and apple trees
· A puppy named Crocus (really, could you be more adorable?)

And they packed all that into a house in the Central District. Well played, ladies and gentlemen.

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