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Live Your Life in A Nicholas Sparks Novel on Bainbridge for $8.9m

Admit it. You've watched all those movies and read all those books where a troubled divorcee or troubled teenager or troubled veteran head or troubled rich girl heads to a majestic, vintage-looking estate tucked in a cove on the beach and learns how to love again/accept love/give love/make you cry about love. You've also wanted to live in the house (but not necessarily the story). Good news, Nick Sparks fans: on Bainbridge Island, you totally can. This 7,200 sq. ft. 4-bed is perfect for acting out all your ready-for-Hollywood melodramatic fantasies and then some; behold two carriage houses, views of the city, lots of pretty built-in cabinetry, and over 800 feet of waterfront (for your symbolic baptism after you sort your stuff out, natch). The price of living in The Notebook: $8.88m. · Listing: 11900 Country Club Rd []

Waterfront Park

1401 Alaskan Way, , WA 98101 Visit Website