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Let Eastern Influence Sneak Up On You for $500k in Shoreline

Alright Hangover 2, we get it. Thailand is cool. Going on a bachelor party trip to Asia is cool. All that stuff is cooly cool cool. Does that mean you need to bring it all back home with you? We're not totally sure, but we're definitely down with looking at your house if you think so. This 3-bed in Shoreline is just shy of 3,000 sq. ft. and looks pretty standard-issue Northwest modern from the outside, but when you get into that master suite be prepared. You'll be face-to-face with a heavy dose of custom architecture that couldn't be more Eastern-style if it tried, and we aren't talking about Cape Cod. We're talking antique carvings installed in the bathroom, woodwork and pillars, pagoda-style wall adornments, sliding paper doors, and the like. (Word is some of the antiques come with the place, too.) And to top it all off, you've got a Japanese garden out back. Hooray themes! This trip to Asia rings in at just a touch more than a ticket to Thailand at $500k. · Listing: 2004 NW 204th Street [Redfin]