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Live Just North of Capitol Hill for Just South of $2m

Experts (read: listings, editors and Google Maps) disagree about what neighborhood this house is actually in, but we don't care. North Capitol Hill? Sure, yes. Montlake? Alright, okay. Madison Park? Sort of? It's all irrelevant anyway, because it's ridiculously cool. This (insert neighborhood here)5,043 sq. ft. 5-bedroom strikes our fancy for a variety of reasons: it's a Craftsman! It was built in 1905! It has a clawed bathtub! It has lots of wood paneling! It features green very prominently! Its wallpaper is dizzying! We could go on. The fact of the matter is that you get a lot of cherry wood, a sweet backyard, room for the whole family and a room that's actually called a "parlor" as part of the deal. Try arguing with that. The price tag on all this woodworked and wallpapered fun: $1.995m. · Listing: 702 East 17th Avenue East [Redfin]