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Super-Secret Mariners Players Move in at 2200 Westlake

Word on the street is that two of the units at 2200 Westlake are now inhabited by Seattle Mariners. The development consists of three towers ranging from 12 to 18-stories tall, with prices ranging from $300k to $2 million. UrbanCondoSpaces reports that both condos were sold above market price.

UCS won't post who the players actually are, but that doesn't mean we won't hound our loyal readers for tips. Since a vast majority of the M's are, frankly, kind of unrecognizable (are you trying to tell me you'd recognize Jack Cust on the street?), this makes snooping particularly difficult. Now that they're winning it might be a touch easier to catch a glimpse, so if you see anyone in particular let us know in the comments.
· South Lake Union Condo Project Welcomes Two Mariners [UrbanCondoSpaces]