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The Decks on Green Lake Get Curiouser and Curiouser for $820k

There's not much we like more in Seattle than a good covered deck (all the better to grill outdoors in the rain, my dear), and this Green Lake 3-bedroom does you one better: the deck is, well, also kind of bizarre. But we actually like it! The second floor features a weird deck that looks like somebody took a chunk out of the the top floor and just let the roof keep going about its business, with crescent-shaped windows and room to chill outdoors without everyone who walks by checking you out. As for the actual house, it's 3,102 sq. ft, about a block from the actual lake, and includes an admittedly nice master suite and a two-car garage, which is especially clutch on Green Lake. Seriously though, it's all about the deck. The price for all this decked-out space: $819,950. · Listing: 2302 N 77th Street [CB Bain]