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Hey, Did You Know You Can Opt Out of Getting a Phonebook?

Here's a nice little bit of Seattle-esque green news for you: starting today, city residents can go online to opt out of getting phone books and junk mail delivered to their houses. Google made them all superfluous and they're bad for the environment, you know. Sounds pretty great, right? Does it sound as great the third time you read it? Probably, yeah! The fifth? Yup, still pretty good! How about the tenth time? Okay, now you're pushing it.

The convenience of Google Reader totally backfired on the local neighborhood blogosphere in Seattle today when it looked like you were reading the same story about six hundred times in a row (not that it makes the story any less nice to hear). The likely culprit: a City Hall press release about the program (with a handy picture attached) that the local media devoured. Since this is such a good idea (well played, Mayor McGinn), everybody posted about it within minutes of each other, leaving your RSS feed riddled with photos of phonebooks in a huge pile and the news that you can opt out now. For your reference, we've posted said photo right here.

So what does the blogosphere actually have to say about this lovely new program?

· Wedgewood View is pretty straight and to the point.
· So is Queen Anne View.
· PhinneyWood gives some background on the company running the program.
· Maple Leaf Life lets you know what will happen to companies who deliver books anyway.
· Magnolia Voice clues you in to how much taxpayers will save.
· And CHS just gave you the news point blank.

Just in case you want the link again, the site to opt out of phone book delivery is right here.