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You Probably Can't Get Greener Than This 2-bed for $340k

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If the idea of living in a green architecture utopia makes you salivate, we've got the stuff dreams are made of in Mount Baker. This 2-bedroom unit is about as environmentally friendly as real estate gets -- think crazy innovative features like grass-crete walkways, solar tubes, gray water recycling, and so much other greenery that it exceeded LEED requirements by a mile. It's 1,250 sq. ft. and gives you pretty easy access to either downtown or the Eastside via I-90, so you're set (unless you're so green that you ride a bike to work, in which case Bellevue's likely out of the question). The price tag for all this nature-friendly fun: $339,500. · Listing: 712 26th Avenue South Unit A [Estately]