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Your Viaduct Watch For The Week of May 2nd-6th

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Each week, we take a peek into the public project we all love, loathe, and live to talk about: the ongoing battle for a Viaduct replacement.

Viaduct status: Standing tall. We're giving up on the traffic cam though.
Recent earthquakes: Nada.
Annoying shutdowns on the horizon: Don't get us started. It's gonna be nasty.
What we're getting: Probably still a tunnel, but not without a fight.

· Prepare for traffic armageddon. [Seattle Times]
· KOMO diplomatically preps you for the craziness. [KOMO]
· West Seattle Blog gives you all the details. [WSB]
· Looks like that seawall's going to be a little pricier than we thought. [PubliCola]
· Did you hear that the infrastructure's falling apart? [STB]
· McGinn has some words... [Atlanta Business Chronicle]
· ...But the state doesn't care much about what he says anyway. [P-I]
· Crosscut says tunnel supporters should try mass transit once in awhile. [Crosscut]
· Turns out the city attorney was in the clear with that lawsuit. [Seattle Times]
· The West Seattle Herald is not amused. [WSH]
· Maybe the tunnel money could go elsewhere. [Seattle Times]
· We're actually going to drill through rock for this, by the way. [SunBreak]