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Put Those Derby Winnings to Good Use in Queen Anne

This house is worthy of a feature as we head into this epically important Kentucky Derby weekend for one reason and one reason alone. Okay, yes, it's got turrets and a gate and really killer views and an awesome patio and outdoor fireplace. Yes, the listing says and features very little about the actual floorplan and indoor features of this admittedly gorgeous Queen Anne 6-bedroom. Yes, it's pushing 8,000 sq. ft. and costs $3.5 million. But you want to know what the absolute best part of this listing is? The fact that the property description says the wrap-around porch "whispers mint juleps." Could you have said it better yourself? In all seriousness, we're always up for some creative wordsmithing, and this house is certainly worth some over-the-top descriptions. · Listing: 103 Highland Drive [Redfin]