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Fun Facts About The New Swedish Campus in Issaquah

We're getting closer and closer to the day when Swedish's new Issaquah campus opens for business, and while the whole thing looks like, well, a hospital built in 2011, it's actually got some decently interesting features to discuss. Parts of the building will be open in July, with a full-scale opening in November, so before you start rushing over there for your Eastside emergencies (Patagonia-induced injuries are no laughing matter), here's the rundown on the digs:
· Of the 2,597 tons of waste material construction's created so far, over 2,300 tons have been recycled. Well that's nice!
· They recycled wood from school bleachers in Chicago and North Dakota for some interior woodwork. No, really.
· There are 1.27 acres of glass on the exterior of the building. That's a lot of glass.
· There's a spot called the "Green Room" on the campus for doctors and nurses to chill out between shifts. We smell a Grey's Anatomy spin-off. Shonda Rhimes, where are you?
· There's a lingerie boutique! On the grounds! Granted, there's likely some mastectomy and nursing stuff in there, but still!

And now you know.