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Hitch A Ferry Over to Bainbridge And Shell Out $3m

Don't try to hide it. You know you've thought about bailing on Seattle proper, moving to one of the islands, and living a simple existence and/or enduring a hellish ferry commute to downtown when you get bored working somewhere remote. Here's what we say: if you're gonna go, go big. We're talking 3-bedroom, 4,664 sq. ft. big. With views. And 200 feet of shoreline. And obscenely good landscaping. And a guest house that's pushing 1800 sq. ft. And a dock. Sound fantastic? Conveniently enough, there's a property on the market just for you! Just shell out $2,995,000 and it's yours. Oh, and get an Orca card. That ferry's a pain. · Listing: 7736 NE North Street, Bainbridge Island [CB Bain]