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Washington's Wineries Are Kind of Gorgeous

We're kind of a dark horse in the states-that-make-really-great-wine category, but Snooth seems to think we make up for not being Napa by designing really great wineries. The website took a tour of six Washington wineries that are kind of gorgeous to look at, regardless of how good their vino is. (There's also a subtle diss of Oregon's boring-looking wineries on the very first page -- suck on that, Portland.)

Wineries that made the list: Amavi Cellars, where you can take in the view from a deck that spans three sides of the building; Columbia Crest, which is just kind of epic in appearance; Westport Winery, which comes complete with a lighthouse; Hedges Family Estate, which is an actual chateau; Desert Wind Winery, an adobe dream house; and Novelty Hill-Januik Winery, which is packed with public and private gardens that let the neighbors wander in whenever they feel like it.
· Unexpected Design in Washington [Snooth]