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Behold: Raw Material for $185k in Tacoma

Welcome to Curbed Seattle's weekly feature on real estate that's doable for most regular folks (if they've got all their ducks in a line, or at least an abstract formation). Each Tuesday, we'll probe the shores of the Sound for sneaky, pretty properties available for under $200k. This week we're taking things downtown... way downtown. Like, to Tacoma, where you can snag this 3-bedroom house that's just over 1,300 sq. ft. in the North End. The bare bones are all there and the interior's actually pretty homey and nice, but the detached garage (with room for all the car fixing you'll ever need) and backyard shed makes this sort of ideal for an outdoor DIY-er looking to buy. Into it? It's yours for $184,900.

· Listing: 3511 N Huson Street, Tacoma [Estately]