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Be Blue In The U-District for $650k

We're unapologetic fans of the University District here at Curbed Seattle. Sure, The Ave gets a little rowdy and post-finals UW students are forces to be reckoned with, but the real estate is generally pretty comfy, welcoming, and -- dare we say it -- charming. Consider this 5-bedroom specimen on 17th and 55th. It's 3,420 sq. ft. of Crafstman livin', packed with lots of oak and French doors and granite countertops. Hit the lotto and want to finish law school in style? Looking to snatch up a cute house and rent it out to poor grad students for a crazy profit? Just granted tenure and a fatty raise? Snatch this puppy up for $650,000 and you'll be living large. · Listing: 5263 17th Avenue NE [Redfin]