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Cruising Craigslist: Sail the High Seas

Behold a sample of the best and brightest of housewares from Seattle's Craigslist. This week: nautical memorabilia, pianos, and religious artifacts .

The piece: A teak nautical chest/bench
The Price: $1400
Use it for: Hopping onboard the Breton-stripes-boat-shoes trend with your furniture, too.

The piece: A Stroud Duo-Art Pianola
The Price: $1000
Use it for: Playing old-timey music while you're busy doing other things -- it's a player piano, after all.

The piece: A vintage carved bone altar
The Price: $4500
Use it for: Saving your soul, obviously. Or having a sweet story to tell at the dinner table about, well, the dinner table.