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Curbed Outdoors Week Starts Monday And We Need Your Expertise

Loyal readers, it is time: next week, Curbed Seattle will embark upon a journey through the great wilderness of the Pacific Northwest for the first annual CURBED OUTDOORS WEEK. All week, we'll focus on the greenest, greatest outdoor spaces in Seattle, running the gamut from rooftop gardens in Belltown to secret alleyway gems in Pioneer square to living awnings in Ballard and everything in between. Naturally (pun intended), your expertise is of the utmost importance. Spot a killer deck across the way from your apartment? Know which one is the best baseball field in all of King County? Ticked off that they paved over your favorite park and put up a parking lot? Shoot a photo, send us a link, or write up a rant and send it to We'll run our favorites all week long.

Even more urgent: we need the help of dog owners most of all. As part of Curbed Outdoors Week, each city in the Curbed network seeks to answer once and for all which is the BEST DOG RUN in town. Totally obsessed with your pooch's walk-route of choice? Nominate it for the top spot by telling us why it's so great (in both your opinion and your dog's). The best of the best will go head-to-head next week in an all-bets-are-off tournament to determine which dog run is, well, top dog. Again, send your canine-friendly tips to